Fashion Fads You Need To Watch Out For

Fashion fad is increasingly becoming popular in the fashion industry. Yes, fads come and go, but the essence of these fashion fads shall remain. Over the years, people have been strongly attached to the things that they are interested in and love to look a certain way.


But what is a fad and what is its relevance to the society? Do you think you’re using it right or you’re just one of those who want to look the 21st century way? There are fashion trends which made it from the early years and then faded, but most styles today came from the late 80s or even 90s.


A fad is actually a behaviour which is developed by a specific population and is followed passionately over time. As a result of this behaviour, things are perceived as popular trends by various groups of people and thought as cool through social media sites. Fads are easily caught by people who begin to adopt it rapidly within a particular market.


This behaviour normally fades quickly once the novelty perception is gone. The relevance of fashion depends on the people’s beliefs. Fashion represents where society is at and what people believe in to be essential in a certain period of time. Fashion reflects your tastes and even values. The next generations can identify your age through studying fashion as it serves as the window into how you live as a culture.


Clothes and accessories can be relevant if aligned with your values. The question that asks fashion basics can be tricky; it actually depends on how you look at it. There are different styles you can use according to your own preferences and needs. A simple sense of fashion can lead to personal luxury, being comfortable with your own skin, ease of expression and simply looking at ease.


You should be able to determine if fashion is making your life easier and even more comfortable. With fads, they can make you feel at ease, but it doesn’t really last long. With the different latest craziest and fashion fads to choose from, you can find the right one that can match your personality with versatility and luxury at a reasonable price.


What you want is ultimately a collection of your choices that only you can get right as fashion doesn’t make you, but you make fashion instead. Fashion trends involve the diversity of people through various cultural and social backgrounds with a common goal. It changes every time which can affect the society’s behaviour while it creates more opportunities and income.


There are a few basics to fashion and it is important to be able to understand the difference between fad and classic fashion.

I will discuss the fashion fad basics, different fad fashion styles and what you need to wear for these outrageous styles. Read on and learn how to become a powerful when it comes to the various styles of fad fashions worldwide.


What You Will Learn:

  • Fashion Fad Basics
  • Gyaru Styles
  • Lolita Style
  • Decora Style
  • American Goth
  • Outrageous Hairdos
  • What Outrageous Styles You Need To Be Able To Wear



Fashion Fad Basics

A trend is the greatest styles in clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories that are currently happening. An example of this trend is the design house that makes fashion lines with the basics of fad products such as signature short-sleeve shirts, burn-out V-necks and other clothes that manifest a certain feature that only lasts for a specific time.

The Basics

The current fad fashion basics today are coloured jeans, maxi dresses, sheer fabric skirts and tops, short shorts and a lot more. Apparel and other fashion products are always classified by their lifecycle’s length. Basics such as blue jeans and shirts can be short-lived depending on how they were designed.


Businesses that sell fad fashion basics can count on increased profitability as well as marketability for only a certain period, but can look for more profits as the development of new fads are never ending. Fashion products last shorter while basics last longer. Fashion can be a style for a time where people can adopt a certain style that they want. The lifecycle of a fashion product ends when it is no longer used by people.


While the fad has the shortest lifecycle, these fad fashion basics come and go. Clothes often have a fashion dimension even if it is just the colour. As the features of fashion increase, the lifecycle decreases. Some companies create their lines that include basic fashion fad products to maximize their sales.


For instance, a sweater line will produce five styles that include classic colours and styling with five additional styles which are modified every time to include collar changes, length and silhouette according to the preset fashion trends.

Fad styles that are based on breaking trends can be introduced in the market at least twice a year for increased sales. Styles that famous celebrities and sports hero are wearing are great examples of the fad fashion basics. Fashion styles are very popular and chances are they will come back. For once, skinny jeans are just fads, but now it is being used by many people even the men around the world.


The navy blue blazer is actually a classic style which makes resurgence long as it is embraced by many people. T-shirts are widely used by different people where many design houses are adding some twists in order to make it more appealing for more consumers.

No matter what kind of fad fashion basics you are wearing or using, it is always important to understand that it reflects our values and personalities when we try to look something in particular.


Gyaru Styles

Gyaru means gal which originated from a jean’s brand “gurls” with a slogan that says, “I can’t live without men”. It was applied to peer- and fashion conscious gals in teens and early twenties. Gyaru styles peaked in the year.

The Gyaru subculture is a great influence on the Japanese fashion style with various gyaru brands that are more accessible in the rural parts of the country. In Tokyo, a shopping mall is dedicated to providing the trendiest and latest items from famous Gal brands. Some brands reach overseas through items that are accessible from web stores offered with worldwide shipping service. A gal circle meets up with the gals that hang out together.


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All about Gyaru

Gyaru style differs in subcategories, but the term pertains to glamour and fashion reminiscent of Bridgette Bardot with blonde skin and tanned skin. Gyaru also applies to people who are trying to imitate bihaku style created by Ayumi Hamasaki and the Namie Amuro’s street style.


This style is a popular Japanese street fashion originated in 1970 that suits the traditional culture of Japan and classified as youth rebellion. This fashion style is characterized by dyed or bleached hair with shades of blonde and dark brown, dramatic makeup and decorated nails. The makeup consists of false eyelashes and dark eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger.


The types of clothes for gyaru styles depend on the specific style you are choosing to portray. Some of the famous gyaru icons, models and idols are Tsubasa Masukawa, Rie Matsuoka, Kumiko Funayama, Hikari Shiina, Rina Sakurai, Sayoko Ozaki, Satomi Yakuwa and Jenny Franz.


The following are some of the types of gyaru styles: Agejo – A glamorous and sexy style worrn by, but not limited to thehostess. The idea of this style is to appear flawless and desirable which emphasizes enlarged and enhanced eyes with false eyelashes and contact lenses. The hairstyle is styled in curls, updos, wigs, or extensions. This style shows a very feminine and classy look.


Amura – This follows the looks of Namie Amuro.

Bibinba – This includes lots of jewelry and gold pieces similar to the B-gal.

Banba – This style is lighter than manba with less white makeup and glitters. Banba style is extreme with colored contact lenses.


Despite the fact that it is looked down on by some people, the Gyaru style is thriving among gals in teens and early those in their twenties. Most Japanese singers imitate this look such as the popular Ayumi Hamasaki and Namie Amuro who are the best examples of Gyaru. The makeup can also be lightly incorporated on your own style with an exciting appearance.


If you are ready to darken your skin with a tan shade and wear heavy false eyelashes, then this style is for you. With the common hair dyes and makeup styles, you can look like a true gyaru with the basic knowledge on how to wear this style. Hair extensions are widely used with heavy looking hair where teasing can be encouraged.


Black eyeliner is an essential part of this scheme. Nude lip gloss or lipstick is best preferred because you will be blending your lips with your face and not highlighting them. The eye shadow can be taupe, white or dark brown with shimmer to widen your eyes more and create an entire glamorous look.


Lolita Style

Lolita style is a fashion subculture that originated in Japan which is based in Victorian clothing, although this style expanded in the Japanese culture. This look started with a modest style focused on quality garments and materials that are used in order to show an excellent Lolita style.


All about Lolita Style

The novel silhouette for this style is knee-length dress or skirt with a cupcake shape and petticoats, but expanded into different garments such as floor-length skirts and corsets. Blouses, knee-high stocking or socks as well as headdresses are best worn. Lolita style has been transformed into various sub styles which are worn worldwide.


Many people believe that Japan is the creator of the Lolita fashion, but it remains unclear. Perhaps, this trend began in 1970 when popular labels like Milk, Pretty, and Pink House started selling garments that are considered Lolita by the current standards.


In 1990, Lolita style became more recognized with bands such as the Princess. These bands look Victorian with intricate costumes and their fans started to imitate their styles. This style spread and eventually reached Tokyo where it was popularized in the youth culture of Japan.


Currently, this style has gained international recognition and is now found in shopping centres. Additionally, this fashion trend is believed to react against great exposure of skin and body in the today’s overcrowded society. Supporters fight for this issue with modesty showing them as elegant and cute instead of being sexy.

It is also been popularized by more visual style artists. These visual style artists are actually fashion musicians in Japan that are usually males that feature makeup, hairstyles and colourful costumes.


5 Types of Lolita Styles

Gothic Lolita – This style shows a combination of Lolita and Gothic fashion which originated in Harajuku in year 1990. It is characterized by dark clothing and makeup with red lip stick and smoky eyes due to black eyeliner. These are the typical styles that are more natural. With Gothic makeup, it is associated with white foundation which unfortunately has been considered as poor taste for Lolita adherents.

Sweet Lolita – Also called ama-oli which is influenced by Edwardian and Victorian clothing is focused on fantasy concepts of this style which adopts a basic Lolita style and typically uses childlike motifs and lighter colours for the design. The used make-ups are pink, pearl and peach styles which resemble sweetness and delicateness for Sweet Lolita. This style is matched with a little shade of red or bright pink and sometimes flesh-pink lip tint.


The outfits include fruit themes, pastels, flowers, bows, laces, animal themes or ribbons which emphasize cuteness for the unique style. Popular themes for the Lolita style are presented in the famous Alice in Wonderland. The jewellery used also reflects a fantasy theme with bonnets, headdresses and bows is Lolita.


Classic Lolita – This is the more mature Lolita style which is focused on Victorian and Regency styles. The patterns and colours used are between sweet and Gothic styles. It’s neither dark nor cute, but this look is more modern and mature due to its intricate patterns and muted colours on the garments.

Punk Lolita – This style adds to the punk fashion with motifs that are suitable with punk clothing like the tattered ties, fabric, chains and safety pins as well as screen-printed plaids, fabrics and short hairstyles. The trendiest clothing worn is cut sews, skirts and blouses with jumper skirts and dresses. The used footwear includes Mary Janes, boots and oxfords with stylish platforms.


Kodona – also known as “ouji” and “boystyle” is the more masculine type of Lolita that is influenced by the Victorian boys’ clothing. This is where “Prince Pants” came into popularity. This style is where the short Capri-style pants cut off the area of the knee. It is usually designed with cuffs that are lace-edged. This is commonly worn along with masculine blouses, knee socks and top hats.



Decora Style

The decora style originated in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and has risen to popularity not only in Japan but also across different countries. This style of clothing is usually in dark pink, baby pink and black while some neon colours are also used. Some people like to use pastel colours but such colours are found rarely as a part of this style.

People who are fond of this style wear plain shirts along with a hoodie that is often worn with tutu-like short skirts in colours that are almost the same shades of colours. Their hair is usually worn in low pigtails or ponytails matched with long bangs. The makeup for this style tends to be plainer than other types of dress styles.


All about Decora Style

What make decora style unique are the layers of accessories that a person wears. The significant part of this style is putting on several layers of appealing and cute types of accessories. Some may wear accessories until their shirt and bangs are barely seen. It has been a trend because of the wide mixture of colors that are worn by a person whenever they go out.


Most of the time, a person in this style would have their accessories clicking with each other when walking or whenever they do slight movements. Aside from layering different accessories, people who follow this style used to wear legwarmers, stockings, knee socks and arm warmers in several layers; each layer different from the other. They do this until they can get the style that they want or the mixture of colours that would complete their look.


Most of the common details in this style are leopard prints along with dental masks that are patterned. Eventually, the style was then replaced and merged in the late years of 2000 by OTT or over the top Lolita and fairy kei in Japan. Though it was already replaced, many still consider the style popular in different parts of the world.

Hairdo in Decora Style

As mentioned the hair will be tied in a ponytail or pigtails in the lower part of their head and are completed with long bangs. To meet the decora style, a person would wear a wide range of hair clips and bows until their bangs are almost covered by the hair accessories.


Others would wear hair extensions to give their hair a different colour that would match their outfit of the day. In this fashion style, the more accessories you wear the better. If finding hair clips and other hair accessories is difficult on your part, most people who like this style go to the little girls’ accessories section in stores.

There, you can find a wide range of hair clips in different colours that are sure to meet the style that you want.


Most people who opt for this style have their closets packed with versatile clothes that they can mix and match. They wear layers of cardigans, hoodies, shirts and others. Others would wear bright coloured or boldly patterned leg and arm warmers in several layers just to complete their look. Blend the right colours and be able to achieve the look you want to achieve for the day.


When it comes to decora, accessories are basically the most important things that one must have. Wearing layers of accessories is the key. When talking about accessories, you need tons of it. If you are going out, your look would not be complete without many bangles and several layers of necklaces hanging on your body.

Decora is not all about the outfit. It is also about how you maximize the use of various accessories. Others would include toys as accessories on their outfit, some bring along plush toys wherever they go and others expand their creativity with their nail art.


Some say that black would be odd to be included in this style, but it can be considered in the style provided that you layer it with matching colours for the look that you want to achieve. You can give it several touches of colours that you want and just use your creativity when it comes to blending the colours.

As long as distinctive layering is met in this style, going with this kind of Japanese street fashion is easy and possible.


American Goth

American goth style or mostly renowned as goth alone is a fad fashion style that is stereotyped as eerie, dark, exotic, mysterious and complex. Today, people having this sense of fashion style are known as emo. This is because of the resemblances on the style of clothing as well as the choices of dark colours.

This fashion style is confused into different types of fad fashions mainly because of the style of clothing and also the choice of colours. Though there are mixed concepts about the style, it is generally characterized as the fashion style that is worn by people in the goth subculture.


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All about Goth

Members of the goth subculture wear dresses in morbid fashion style. When this style is talked about, it would commonly be associated with people having pale complexion wearing black clothes and paired with black dyed hair, black lips and black nails. It is a fashion style that both genders wear. They usually complete the look with wearing dark eyeliner that can either define their eyes or have a smudge to enhance the gothic look.


Experts say that this type of fashion originated from the Victorian style of mourning. It is also recognized mainly for the stark black clothing. American goth would usually be described for its distinct type of clothing with the profusion of black lace, velvets, fishnets and also leather that are tinged with purple or scarlet. This is sometimes accessorized with gloves, corsets that are tightly laced, precarious stilettos and is completed with silver jewellery that may depict occult or religious themes.


One of the recognized icons that is worn in this kind of fashion style is Theda Bara who was known as the femme fatale in the 1910s that is well recognized for wearing dark eyeshadow. Other style icons that are widely recognized for this fashion style are Robert Smith, Lux Interior, Musidora, Bettie Page, Morticia Addams, David Bowie, Nico and Dave Vanian.


There are a few variations that are known for this type of fashion style.


Haute Goth

This is a variation of the American goth brought by various designers in the 21st century in the runway. Some of the designers that are known for bringing elements of the style to the runway are Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester.

Under this variety of gothic style, many famous clothes and aesthetic designers and artists have included it in their line.

Gothic Lolita or Gothloli

This is the variety where gothic fashion is combined with Lolita fashions. This type of fashion is distinguished by the combination of darker clothing and makeup. Some would wear red lipstick along with neatly defined or smoky eyes. Since the Lolita fashion would usually show a natural look, putting up with the white powdered face is recognized as a poor taste in the fashion scene under Lolita.

Elegant Gothic Lolita or EDL

This variety has its masculine equivalent called EGA or the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. This is the sub-style of gothic Lolita as well as the aristocrat fashion. The American gothic itself is distinct among other fashion styles that can be easily distinguished.


Outrageous Hairdos

Outrageous fashion styles do not only cover what a person wears or what accessories a person puts on. An outfit is not complete without pulling off a matching hairdo with the style of your choice. When you want to standout, it is a must that you match your outfit with the perfect hairdo that will help your overall look stand out.


Through the years, various hairstylists have introduced different kinds of styles that have popularized across the world. Some are simple and some are too outrageous to be worn every day. There are people who say that aside from what they wear, styling their hair is also one of their ways of expressing themselves. They try different haircuts or just style their hair as uniquely as they can and match it with whatever they wear.


Varieties of Outrageous Hairdos


This is a big hairstyle that is featured heavily in the afro-American culture and was very popular in the 70s. It is one of the styles that have been used by many African-American artists both in the music and film scenes.


Who would have thought that a beehive hairdo can be done with one’s own hair? This hairdo is done with raising the hair on top of your head with teasing or padding to get the shape and size of a beehive, hence where the name was derived.

Bob Cut

Considered as a classic hairstyle, the bob cut is where the hair is cut just around the level of the jaw and is usually aligned closely with the facial area.


Have you seen the hairstyle in the 80s or 90s where the hair is given its smoothness and is heightened by padding or teasing to give your hair its extra fullness? This is called bouffant style.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut’s name derived from the style of cutting the hair with a bowl placed on the head and all the exposed hair is trimmed off. It was a popular hairstyle in the late 80s and early 90s for both children and adults.



This hairstyle is also known by the names plaits and tresses. It is a type of hairdo that is worn mostly by women that have long hair. Through the years, this type of hairstyle has evolved wherein hairstylists were able to create new braid styles like fishtail, cornrows, Dutch braid, crown braid and pigtails.


This is a traditional haircut in Japan.

Cropped Hair

This is a short hairstyle that is really close to the head with some of the hair left in a certain length that either goes past or touches the fringe. It is common style for women.


With this hair style, the back and sides are kept short and the front part is usually left to grow long and is combed forward.


This is a style where the hair will be “dreadlocked” into separate sections using methods such as hand rolling, braiding, backcombing or just letting the hair “lock” naturally on its own. This specific style may vary in its tidiness, size and its length and is associated with Rastafarians.


This is also recognized as the “Princess Leia hairstyle” during the fame of Star Wars. It is a complex hairstyle that consists of 2 buns on each side of the head and 2 braids wound down around the back of the head.


The rattail is a unique hairstyle where the hair on the top part of the nape is left to grown long and is braided thinly. The hair around the head is shaved or buzzed leaving the braided part looking like the tail of a rat.

Psychobilly Wedge

This is a sort of combined pompadour and Mohawk hairstyle where the sides of the head are shaved and the middle part is slicked back and styled in a pompadour.


This is a style where the hair on the sides is shaved while leaving a thin strip of the hair right in the middle of the head. Most of the time, the hair left is spiked up.

These are just some of the outrageous hairdos that gained popularity across the globe. There are unique styles for men and women and there are also those that children can wear like the bowl cut. Through the years, hairstyles add up and most of the time, the styles evolve into a mixture of original styles.


What You Need To Be Able To Wear Outrageous Styles

With as many outrageous styles that have gained popularity throughout the years, have you ever thought about how you can possibly wear a certain outrageous style? If ever you thought about wanting to wear an outrageous style, then it is best that you get to know the things that you need to achieve the best look possible.

Being aware of the things that you need will give you the ease of attaining the look that you want and make it possible to standout from the crowd. Whatever the fashion style is, you want to make sure that you have everything that is needed to get the best result out of the style.


Do You Have Everything You Need?

When talking about outrageous styles, you need to think about the things that you must prepare to achieve the style perfectly. This is your way of making sure that you can get the best look possible for whatever fashion style you are interested in trying.

Things You Need


Firstly, you need several sets of clothes. If you are one of those people who are interested in trying a different style of clothing, then you must consider filling your closet with various types of clothes. To do this, you can always go to thrift stores and take a look at the different types of clothes that you can find there.

Say you want to achieve either a decora look or even an American goth look. For the decora, you must purchase different types of clothes that you can layer and also the legwarmers and arm warmers. You want to focus on bright colours that you can mix and match. For the goth look, you can look for leather jackets or vests or other cool clothes in black.


Your outrageous look will not be complete if you do not wear accessories that can accentuate your clothes. If you are planning to achieve a decora look, accessories are always needed. Find as much accessories as possible like necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings and even toys that you can attach on your clothes. This look requires layers of matching colours and styles, so you might want get tons of accessories.


For those wanting to achieve the goth look, simple silver jewellery is all that is needed. Find sets that are meant for your neck, wrist and fingers. It is also recommended that you will constantly change your piercings, if you can.


Remember that your overall look will not be complete without matching it with the right hairdo. It is best that you do some research about the style that you want to achieve and check on the hairdo that is suited for your choice.

Some styles only require simple hairstyles and some require you to change the colour of your hair or have it styled in a unique way. If your chosen style is the goth style, you need to dye your hair black and also have it cut in the style that would enhance your gothic look.


Another important thing that should not be forgotten is the makeup. Though there are styles that do not require much makeup because their clothes and accessories accentuate their look, there are outrageous styles that also require outrageous makeup.

There are Japanese street fashions like gyaru where you need a fake tan and wear makeup that makes your facial features standout. This may even include wearing fake eyelashes, wearing white eyeliner and other makeup that will enhance the look of the person.


For simple styles like goth, eyeliner is the basic makeup requirement. You can use it for defining your eyes or smudge it a bit to get a more gothic look. For those who already have a pale complexion, white powder is not necessary as the complexion is enough to achieve a complete gothic look.


Why Prepare for Getting an Outrageous Style?

When trying to wear a unique style, you want to make sure that you can achieve it perfectly. This is the main reason why you have to prepare the right clothes, matching accessories and makeup and also the hairdo. As you prepare for everything that is needed, it will be easier for you to get the look that you want, just how it should be.

Outrageous styles range not only from clothes but also with the types of accessories that you will use for improving the entire look that you want to achieve. The fashions styles in every generation change but there are times when the styles last for a long time. This is true especially when the style is something that makes a person unique compared to those around them.


Fad fashion may seem like it only belongs to a certain generation. But people must know that there are fashion styles that come back with modern touches on them. People just have to show off their creative side in giving a certain styles a personal touch yet still fit in with the style.


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