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How Pastor Paul Escaped Sudden Death From High Blood Pressure & Hypertension

“A Testimonial Of High Blood Pressure, Hypertension and Heart Attack Survivor”

On Friday 12th of May 2016, on eve of his birthday, Pastor Paul suffered a Heart Attack and only miraculous God saved him.

Pastor Paul Ajibade is one of the junior pastors of a branch of a very popular church in Ikeja, Lagos.

He is an accountant, works with a popular telecom company and doing well.

We were planning for his birthday that was billed to take place the following day.

I called him on Saturday 13th on May, 2016 to congratulate him as i always do every year.

His wife picked the call… and that’s unusual…

“God just saved your friend o,” She said.

I asked of what happened and she narrated how he suddenly held his chest and was struggling with breath the previous night.

They thought it was spiritual and have to start praying before he was rushed to nearby private clinics on the advice of their neigbour.

Lucky enough the owner of the hospital who also works in the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) was around to attend to him on emergency.

Thanks to God almighty, he was stabilized and he survived the heart attack, but the doctor told them that it was only God that saved him before they brought him to hospital.

He would have gone by now……

The doctor told him, the heart attack was caused based untreated High Blood Pressure and Hypertension.

To be honest, Paul doesn’t fall sick and there is no reason to go to the hospital.

Previous symptoms without paying attention.

He later told me that he once checked his blood pressure, it was high and he just ignored it.

He thought it was normal.

He also said he has been having serious headaches, blurring eyes, struggling to sleep well and get tired easily after walking or climbing the staircase for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, he thought it was just malaria or something.

After his recovery, the doctor gave him some scary warnings, if he doesn’t want to go the other fast….

This incident of heart attack survival became a turning point in the life of my friend.

He has to deal with doctor’s scary warnings and instructions

He also has to struggle for about 2 years before we found out the lasting solutions.

If you like to know about the doctor’s warnings and how he got rid of High Blood Pressure & hypertension,

Click here: https://www.munexa.com/hypertension-story/ to read more

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