How To Get Fashion Inspirations

Fashion is changing just like breathing and living and you need to know how to get fashion inspirations. Although some things may seem outdated or out of style, the fashion trends are prone to change. Hollywood is not an exception to that because celebrities are the apple of the eye. These celebrities are always looking for ways to look their best and be updated. If you are interested in being a celebrity copycat, then you can look up to these stars as your fashion inspiration.

You may also be one of those women or men who want to look like the most appealing and most stunning stars. The good news is that there are many tricks and tips that can help you in keeping up with the latest fashion trends among celebrities.


At the present time, there is the internet where you can get the latest fashion tips or trends. This mainly allows you to see bigger pictures of celebrities. Gossip websites are also an excellent place where you can get good updates on the fashion world. Once you have seen what these celebrities wear, you can just copy their accessories and hair for you to have that updated celebrity fashion look.


You can start by recreating your best look with the hair and clothing of the celebrity. Apart from that, you can even imitate your most favourite celebrity and achieve the same look. With fashion trends that are always changing, you may have no idea of where to start. You may think of buying new clothing for your wardrobe.


There are celebrity fashion pictures and blogs that can be your source of inspiration. These are useful in giving you a glimpse on your favourite celebrities’ clothing line. You can then choose of the most flattering and best style for you.


No one really knows what is better and what is “in” in the fashion of celebrities. Whether you are interested in what they are wear or look up to them as your fashion inspiration, there are certainly new pieces of clothing that you can imitate. Even though celebrity fashion may not seem that easy, with enough close attention you can achieve it.


Celebrity fashion is what starts the new trends. This further allows you to look your best and be updated. And being a celebrity copycat is great because it means you get inspiration from the stars. They are a source of inspiration and style; study and create your new style.

For sure, being a celebrity copycat helps you to build your confidence and be at your best. Celebrity fashion may actually help you to finally come up with your own style and tell your own fashion story.

Imitation is truly the key. If you will not imitate, then you cannot create. In the succeeding chapters, you can learn more about the tricks and tips in being a celebrity copycat. Find your true inspiration from one of these celebrities. Imitate and be more upbeat with fashion. Now, if you want to get fashion inspirations, read this article to the end.

What You Will Learn In This Article:

  • Dressing like a Star Basics
  • Get Inspiration from a Celebrity Most Shaped Like You
  • Use Celebrity Magazines
  • Use Accessories
  • Finding a Cheaper Look-A-Like Outfit
  • Make Sure You Have a Good Fit
  • Be Confident In What You Wear


Dressing like a Star Basics

Celebrities always look so amazing and beautiful as they parade in their gowns and dresses down the red carpet. They are also seen wearing their high-couture frock along with their make-up. They are hair-styled and dressed up by professionals in such a way that makes them more appealing and gorgeous.

How about you as one of the mortals? There is always hope in trying to look your best. Imitating the get up, dress and clothing of any of the famous celebrities is great. You can dress like a popular celebrity that suits your own body shape. Apply your makeup and get a great haircut, and dress in your celebrity copycat clothing. You are sure to shine and appear to be a star.

Below are a few of the basics to consider while dressing like a star:

Follow the Latest Trends

One of the most important basics to consider while dressing like a star is to follow the most-updated trends. You also need to pay attention to which locations have your style at a reasonable price.

There are fashion magazines that can help you to keep in touch with the fashion frenzy and the fast-moving celebrity fashion world. There are many pictures that can allow you to choose the best dress that suits your preference and style.

Along with keeping in touch with the latest trends, it is also essential to watch the clothes that they wear. Not All Dresses that You See on Celebrities Look Perfect on You It is important to know that not all dresses that you see on celebrities will also look perfect on you.

Another basic to consider while dressing like a star is to dress for your age and body type. Although you think that something may not look perfect on you, you still have to give it a try. You may be surprised by it.

Just remember the old saying, “practice makes perfect”. Through constant practice, you can get familiar with the weakness and strengths of your body. Later on, you can think of all of your positives features while dressing up and being a celebrity copycat.


Old Celebrity Fashion Can Become New Again

One more thing to consider about the basics is that what old can seems becomes new again. This means that skirt you have now that is out of fashion may be trending again one day. Just like with wedge heels, they went out of style, but as you see celebrities are wearing wedge heels and look amazing in them.

Also, going to resale shops and thrift stores can surprise. They sometimes have wardrobes where you can find the most celebrity look-a-like dress. This is true also when searching for a pair of accessories. It is best to visit one of these stores and determine if they sell “knock-offs”. By doing this you will be sure that you are getting the item that you are paying for.


Starting with the Greater Basics

Pay attention to the greater basics. This means that you need to start from your undergarments and then outward. One of the secrets is wearing the wrong underwear destroys an excellent outfit. No matter how great your copycat celebrity outfit is, it may not look good in the end.

There are quality garments that will serve as a good foundation for your own wardrobe. Mix them up and match them and keep classic pieces that do not go out of style.

You need to remember that an excellent wardrobe begins with the basics. Look for a Perfect Pair of “Shades”

Walking at the streets or strolling along the avenue will be great when you have a perfect pair of shades. And why not try on that big hat for that more celebrity copycat looks. Get colours and styles that best match your wardrobe.

Search for Celebrity Dresses that are on Sale

Search for celebrity dresses on sale. This is a part of the basics that you need to keep in mind. However, it is not suggested that you purchase a complete ensemble. It is good to list down all the separates pieces and search for them one by one. As you continue to search for them, keep a watchful eye out for those that are on sale.


Take note that it is possible to look like a celebrity and not spend a fortune. If you want, you can have your dresses tailored for you. This is one of the secrets of why celebrity’s clothes hang perfect on them. With dresses that are tailored for you, you can surely accomplish that “celebrity” style that you crave the most.


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Get Inspiration from a Celebrity Most Shaped Like You

Celebrity fashion is indeed a source of inspiration. And getting inspiration from a celebrity most shaped like you is a good decision. It is easy to find a celebrity fashion muse that will serve as your fashion inspiration.

You can further study the clothes of the celebrity and take note of how they wear different items and the colours that look best on them. This is a one way of keeping up with current style and to learn about fashion.

Finding a celebrity that has the same body type is a must. It really helps you in figuring out the clothes that look best on your body. Another good idea is to search for the celebrity that has the same personal style as you.

Here are a few of the popular celebrity fashion muses from which you can choose the one most shaped like you:

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is popular and her style is mainstream and cute. She has a sexy body and she wears high heels and leggings everywhere.

Jennifer Hudson

Naturally gorgeous, Jennifer Hudson dresses her body type perfectly and has an excellent eye for fashion. She has a curvy figure and she is not a slave to all the trends that come up in the fashion industry.

Truly, you can be like her who is a perfect example of a woman that makes fashion look good.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria may have a body shape that looks like your’s. If you are tan, petite and have a sexy but classy sense of style, then you can get inspiration from her. She always wears high heels, cute dresses, designer sunglasses and expensive bags.

Jessica Simpson

If you have a sexy body but your style is casual, Jessica Simpson can be your fashion icon. She dresses in that trendy and spunky style that looks like a cowgirl. She is always in her high heels and cowboy boots and trendy pieces.


One Reminder:

Once you have found the celebrity that is most shaped like you, you can always add individual twists for your own look. It is important that you add your own twist so that others don’t accuse you of being a fashion poser.

Just let celebrity styles and outfits inspire you and have the confidence to wear your new version of your look. This can definitely help you.


Use Celebrity Magazines

Fashion is not just about the clothes that you wear, but also the footwear and accessories that you have. It all starts from the top of your head to the bottom part of your feet. All of these things are accounted as part of your celebrity copycat fashion style.


While getting your fashion inspiration from the stars, it is recommended to use magazines. This is one of the tips to follow to keep up with the most updated trends in celebrity fashion.

By using celebrity magazines, you can learn the following:

Choosing the Celebrity Clothes that Best Complement your Size, Height and Skin Colour

By focusing your attention on celebrity magazines, you can learn about how to complement clothes for your height, size and skin colour. Other people make the mistake of wearing outfits of their favourite celebrities. They have no idea that these clothes do not suit them.

Choosing the Ideal Celebrity that Serves as Your Fashion Muse

By using celebrity magazines, you can choose the ideal celebrity who you can turn to as your fashion muse. You can imitate their outfits that best highlight your bright features.

Not Going on For Too Much

It is important to remember to not go too far with things. It may be acceptable to go all out for certain occasions but when you wear too many accessories and dress out of place for a certain activity it looks tacky.

Knowing How to Mix Celebrity Clothes and Match Them

By using a celebrity magazine, you can learn how to mix celebrity clothes and match them. Apart from this, you will get helpful ideas for shopping (e.g. your favourite celebrity likes plain prints and neutral colours). Then, you can possibly match them with other clothes you have in your own closet.

Getting Ideas From Celebrities for Creating your Unique Style

Being a celebrity copycat or being exactly like your most favourite celebrity is not wrong. Remember that you have the freedom to do so. By using a celebrity magazine, you can get the best ideas for creating your own unique style.

Celebrity magazines can guide you in wearing the same pants, shoes, accessories and shirts as celebrities. You can get some great hints that will help you a lot when it comes to looking just like your favourite star.

Looking Stylish While Dressing in Celebrity Clothes

The best thing about using celebrity magazines is that you are presented many different ideas of how to look stylish while dressing in celebrity clothes.

Always remember that looking stylish is not rocket science. You can deeply rely on the information presented in celebrity magazines. By doing this, you can achieve the same look and appearance of your favourite celebrity.


Use Accessories

Have you watched the Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Oscars? You may have seen celebrities showing off their accessories. They always achieve that perfect look while stepping out of the centre stage.

Why do you think celebrities look great?

Celebrities look great because they have designers that create and tailor their outfits to fit their gorgeous bodies. As well, jewellers make accessories that complement their outfits.

Once you have seen them wearing these accessories, you may also want the same pieces. You just need to purchase them at affordable prices. Hollywood’s accessory and jewellery trends are often considered to be understated pieces. You can search for these accessories at the nearest retail store.

The accessory and jewellery trends are based more on placement instead of style. They are being worn in ways that you wouldn’t even expect. Some of the celebrity accessories include brooches that are worn by the famous Eva Longoria. This was during the Golden Globe Awards in 2011.


Eva wore these brooches on her hip that brought so much attention to her curvy hips and beautiful figure. Even her black dress complemented her body, making it completely elegant.

There are still many traditional pieces that are used and re-purposed for various applications. The celebrity trends on accessories for this year include hair jewellery and brooches that are worn with hairstyles.

Lindsay Lohan is one of the celebrities who started her own unique accessory trend by wearing leg jewellery.

Use Leg Jewellery as a Form of Accessories

Being a celebrity copycat also means using accessories used by famous celebrities. Leg jewellery is one of these accessories that is a part of the jewellery trend today. Many celebrities wear leg jewellery and show off their legs as excellent features.

Hollywood accessories tend to come and then go. Some of them are simply unique and stay for a particular period of time. One of these accessory trends is leg jewellery; they are available in mediums and have many different patterns. You can wear leg jewellery below your knee.

Of the many accessory trends, leg jewellery is truly one of the most thrilling and exciting accessory to wear. This can further accentuate your legs and make you look just like your favourite celebrity. This is a perfect accessory to use with your short dress. You can simply be like any of the famous celebrities that draw attention from people.

There is a wide variety of leg jewellery today because of its supply and demand. There is sure to be a piece that everyone will enjoy. Many jewellers realized that making copycat accessories increase their sales.

Hollywood accessory trends can simply continue to inspire you. You can be just like the celebrity that inspires you to use their accessories. You can even use your own style and show off your legs with knee jewellery.


Finding a Cheaper Look-A-Like Outfit

Do you have any idea how Nicole, Kirsten, Lindsay and Mary-Kate look good while running their errands? It is no accident. Celebrities carefully craft their appearance to maintain their good public image.

If you are captivated by the glamorous world of celebrities, then look no further because you can simply dress and look just like a celebrity. You just need to find a cheaper look-a-like outfit to achieve any of the looks of celebrities.

Here are a few of the simple tips for finding a cheaper look-a-like outfit:

  1. Going Shopping at Inexpensive Stores

Going shopping is necessary for buying a cheaper look-a-like outfit. It is only through shopping that you can purchase more full outfits and single pieces. A tank top, turtleneck, or a jacket can simply be mixed up in with wardrobe. This is better than buying a complete celebrity outfit.

Shopping at inexpensive stores is recommended for getting cheap clothes. It is also a good idea to search for a cheaper look-a-like outfit at vintage stores to find something trendy and big.

  1. Searching on Reputable Websites

By searching on reputable websites, you will surely find a cheaper look-a-like outfit. You may possibly find a fancy and gorgeous pair of sunglasses that show of your celebrity looks. Go glitzy. There are many diamonds, studs and cool aviators. Apart from that, there are black and big white sunglasses that help you achieve that Mary-Kate Olsen look.

Once you have your celebrity sunglasses, you can start wearing them wherever you go. You may even start strolling down to the supermarket wearing them. The good thing about these websites is that are free to choose big accessories and big scarves. They can hang around the waist, at the back or even at the neck.

There are sequined shirts, jeans, boots, scarves and shirts that you find at affordable rates. These add glamour to your appearance and make you look your best, just like a celebrity. There are many previous or present outfits worn by celebrities that you can search for on these websites. You will surely find the best outfits at the best price possible.

  1. Online Fashion Retailers

By using online fashion retailers, you will increase your chances of finding a cheaper look-a-like outfit. They sell the most inspiring clothing. Actually, these online fashion retailers are considered to be “throwaway fashion stores”. This is due to the reason that they are where you will find the best for the cheapest. They have the best imitated and the most updated trends of outfits

Just because it is older does not mean that it is useless. If you compare cheap look-a-like outfits from online retailers to the expensive stores on the street, their quality is just the same.

It is best to combine and match the designer pieces along with the throwaway fashion pieces. Doing so helps you to get the best of both worlds. For instance, you can find an expensive piece of jewellery and match it with a celebrity-inspired dress so you can look sophisticated and glamorous. By means of changing and chopping your accessories, you can certainly transform your dress into many various outfits.

You cannot simply escape these celebrities; they are on billboards, magazines and television. You can afford designer clothing so you can feel and look like a celebrity.

Online fashion retailers are making exact copies of recent celebrity trends that look the same. By simply shopping from online fashion retailers, you can search for celebrity dresses. The internet has many cheap celebrity dresses that appeal to your taste and preference.

By choosing the cheaper items, you can buy far more. Instead of purchasing an expensive celebrity dress, purchase a bag and a pair of shoes for a completely new outfit. By shopping online, you will be provided with better choices this is because there are many shops from where you can choose celebrity dresses. There are retailers who have their ethical standards and make certain that they produce celebrity clothes at a reasonable price.


Make Sure You Have a Good Fit

When becoming a celebrity copycat, making sure that you have a good fit is crucial. You must remember that the sculptured physiques and hot bodies of celebrities are not purely based on genetics and good luck.

And although it is true that some celebrities are born to be naturally slender and find it easy to stay thin, you may not be the same as them. It is best to take a closer look at the behind scenes and see how celebrities are live every minute of their lives.

While making sure that you have a good fit, here are a few of the important things to remember:

Weight Loss Plans or Diets

Weight loss plans or diets help you to achieve a great look. They also help you to enhance your metabolic activity and energy levels. It is very helpful to look good and stay fit. If you have been dreaming of being a celebrity, you need to pay attention to your body shape.

You need to have a good fit. However, you may have no idea about how to possibly get there. The secret to achieving weight loss and gaining that celebrity figure is to strictly follow weight loss plans or diets. This is one of the simplest rules that you can follow to achieve that beautiful celebrity body.


Celebrity figures like Angelina Jolie, Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Biel have strictly abided by weight loss diets and plans. They do not make any excuses while adhering to their specific weight loss plans. If you are truly interested in achieving a celebrity look, then you need to follow a weight loss diet or plan properly. There is no need for you to fret because this is not all about the starvation regimen.

There is only a need to follow some simple steps:

  • Detox Diet- Green Vegetables and Fresh Fruits
  • Lots of Water
  • Calorie-free beverages
  • Cutting down on quick snacks and fast foods
  • Quitting smoking, not drinking alcohol and not taking any kind of drugs
  • Cutting down sugar, that includes chocolates, cookies, muffins and cakes
  • Add brown rice to part of your daily diet and stay away from refined carbohydrates
  • Eating 6 smaller meals every day
  • Workout Fitness or Training


You need to understand that celebrities work hard to gain their sculptured physiques and hot bodies. If you want to be like them, then you need to take a closer look at a workout fitness or training program to help you stay fit.

In your case, you need to work out on a consistent basis to achieve that gorgeous celebrity look. A personal trainer is not a bad idea as they will keep you motivated and make achieving that perfect body much easier.

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer Hiring a personal trainer provides you many benefits and opportunities.

Accountability– Personal trainers consider their time to be valuable. So therefore, when you are expected to be at a session at a certain time, you better be there. In effect, you are not likely to skip your workout because you are forced by your personal trainer to continue your workout sessions.

Making the Exercise Experience More Enjoyable and More Fun With a personal trainer, the workout experience is made to be more enjoyable and more fun. The process is injected with some enjoyment and fun.


A personal trainer is there to guide you and make the experience fun. Instead of being bored because you are just working out all by yourself, your personal trainer is there to share the fitness secrets that celebrities have. This is an additional bonus that you can appreciate from working out with the presence of a personal trainer.

Equipment and expert advice can also help you to create your own celebrity-level gym without spending huge amounts of money. You can surely help yourself by getting in shape, looking great and getting healthy.


Be Confident In What You Wear

Confidence is considered to be a significant part of being a celebrity copycat. Therefore, if you are truly interested in becoming one, you need to build up your confidence in the clothes that you wear. This way, you can be appreciated and noticed by the people around you.

On the other hand, you need to remember that true confidence comes from being comfortable with what you wear. A lack of confidence and attitude will always affect you negatively.

Here are some of the important tips to consider being confident in what you wear:

  1. Visualization

Through visualization, you can expect to be more confident in your celebrity look-a-like outfit. First, you need to search for a perfect place where you will not be disturbed. After searching for the right place, you need to stay relaxed for about four to ten minutes.

You then need to visualize, feel and imagine the time that you finally become in control and powerful. You need to think of the times that you have accomplished things in your life and feel confident and proud.


By thinking all of those positive thoughts, you will surely feel good and more confident. Relive the experience and savour the moment.

Connect your heart and soul to your feelings. Your emotions are important for achieving confidence in yourself. On the day that you decide to wear that celebrity look-a-like dress or outfit, you can surely release that confidence within you.


  1. Dressing with that Celebrity Style to Impress

After deciding to dress in a celebrity style outfit, you need to think of impressing the people around you. Always remember that the people around you judge you by the clothes that you wear. And by wearing your celebrity look-a-like outfit, you give them an impression of you being a celebrity copycat.

The celebrity clothes and colour that you wear project confidence and power in you. You can a celebrity’s fashion for casual or professional occasions. On the other hand, you need to understand that casual does not mean being sloppy.

Think of the best colour and best celebrity outfits that can attract the attention of the people around. Surely, you will rave over many of these compliments. Choose the best celebrity outfit that can accentuate your confidence and power.


Wear some celebrity shoes that you have never worn before. You can choose a pair of celebrity shoes that you find comfortable. They should complement your celebrity outfit.

  1. Walking with Confidence in your Look-a-Like Outfit

Always remember that you communicate with your body language. Thus, you need to walk with great confidence and power. Walking with power only means that you are telling the whole world how proud and confident you are. Surely, the people around you will feel more confident in you. They will also believe that you are trustworthy and good to be with.

You are also creating an impression that you have the guts of following, imitating or copying your favourite celebrities. Your head and shoulders must be held high. Then, look straight for perfect poise. Keep your whole body relaxed and loose. Each step that you take will only show how confident you are in what you wear.

  1. Looking People in the Eyes

Another important thing to consider in being confident in what you wear is to look people in the eyes. This simply complements your confidence in your look-a-like outfit.  Looking into the eyes of a person simply tells them that you are powerful, confident and equal. You can be most trusted and valued by the people around you.

  1. Put a Smile on your Face

As you are preparing to parade in your celebrity outfit, another important thing to remember is to put a smile on your own face. Through your heartfelt and sincere smile, your face is brightened up.

Apart from that, it also creates the most favourable impression of your overall capabilities. According to studies, smiles create a good will and a feeling of trust. With your own engaging smile, you are on your way to being just like a celebrity. Your smile complements your celebrity outfit, making you feel great and more gorgeous.

And just like the face of brilliant actresses, you exude more confidence with your own smile. If you are truly interested in becoming a celebrity copycat, you need to build up your confidence. This is the number one factor that can eliminate your nervousness and help you be acknowledged as a celebrity copycat. Just try and get fashion inspirations from them.

You just need to take note that confidence is different from brashness and arrogance. You can still improve your confidence without limiting your humility in your celebrity outfit.


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