Premium Vibrating Slimming Belt,With Heat Massager and Free Flat Tummy Tea

The Premium VibroShape Slimmimg Belt is a professional vibrating belt conceived to efficiently helps you slim down, burn fat and tone parts of the body including abs, thighs, butts, calves, and shoulders.


This belt makes use of a distinct oscillating massage move for improving blood  circulation, detoxifying, burning of unwanted fat and reducing weight. 

Very Effective Without Any Side Effect

Get the benefit of a complete exercise session but without actually working hard.


This slimming waist belt is designed to easily fit waist sizes in the range of 24 – 55 and comes with 5 high power and 5 low power options to choose from.


Since the belt includes a carrying case, you can carry it anywhere easily while its universal
adapter .


You can use this amazing device while lying down, watching TV, sitting at the computer, spending time with your family,
working, cooking or simply resting.


Microcomputer controlled weight-reducing belt Whatever age are, whatever generation we belong to, one thing is for sure.


We want to be healthy and fit. Life Style factors such as lack of physical activity, obesity, a high fat diet, stress, tension,
alcohol and smoking innocently manifest themselves as diseases.


In order to keep you fit and slim, we have for you, a microcomputer controlled weight-reducing belt.


This is a high performance device that utilizes palpitating movements in order to slim and tone different parts of the body.


It mimics conventional chiropractic treatment, thus not only performing integrated toning, but also relieving stress and
improving general health-the ideal answer to a fervent lifestyle.

What Will You Get From Vibroshape?

Strong Vibration Massage: 12 high-quality motors evenly distribute, operating around the body to massage, work at the same time in high frequency and transform the fat into Aliphatic, glycerol, water and so on, and omit out of body through lymphatic system. Vibrating deeply to release over-used muscle. Effective to fitness, massage, slim and ease fatigue. Convenient plug-in design, no battery needed.


Magnetic therapy: With 25 magnets and 2 Infrared, forming a surround magnetic field, intense the vitality of the cells and improve microcirculation, as well as nourishing our skin. Multiple magnets form a 360° magnetic field, evenly massage all body parts. Two heating wires embedded in the belt, start heating in one minute, getting heat in high speed. A fast fat burner, effective to weight loss with balanced diet.



Multifunctional- Relax and Slim: The slim belt helps to lose weight, enhance metabolism, promote blood circulation, massage tired muscles, reduce stiffness and pain, restore muscle elasticity, also beneficial to waist, spine, hip, knees, hands, legs, thighs or shoulders. keep you slim, reduce weight, exercise and relax, relieve muscle pain with heat and massage by enhancing the metabolism and improving blood circulation.


Work On Multiple Areas of the Body: Put your belt on the area that you would like to focus the vibrating massage towards. This Massage belts can be worn on the thighs, hips, waist and other areas. There are many different mode settings. Adjust these settings to a mode that you find comfortable, and locate your nearest power source. suitable for people who need different vibration intensity. The vibration intensity automatically changes in program . Ultra-thin belt can be used in most body parts

After-sales Service: Quality problems occur within 5-years replacement, lifetime warranty, if you’re not completely satisfied, then CONTACT US and we will give you a 100% refund within 180 days of purchase. It is our intention to offer the BEST customer service on



Burn Fat Fast // Reduce Weight // Relieve Pain Without Stress

This premium vibroshape belt helps you to:

Burn fat, reduce weight, slow muscle fatigue.


Promote digestion, promote blood circulation, promote metabolism.


Relieve body joints pain , enhance the metabolism and improve blood circulation


Get rid of harmful human toxins, so that the skin are soft and smooth.


Get fit, Quickly achieve lipid-lowering, weight loss, massage and slim down fast


Assists in slimming, digestion and relaxation.


Tones your abs, shoulders, thighs, calves, waist and more


strong vibration massage For Easy Weight Loss

Long belt for overweight user in addition the Max waist circumference is 47.24 inches


Assists in slimming, digestion and relaxation 


Approved By the American  FDA and sold millions worldwide


Portable and easy to use, can be used anywhere and anytime you want.


Tones your abs, shoulders, thighs, calves, waist and more


The superior  material is softer, very flexible waist belt, can be used for overweight user and fits for men or women



  • Mary David

Amazing for daily usage

The belt is amazing to use at anytime, watching TV, at work, even when i am on the treadmill. it helps moving all the muscles around the belly area.



  • Eunice Adeola

Good quality of a product

I loved it I had so much stress one time I used it one time when I used it that help my stress relief.👍 i feel wow

  • Nike Martins

It’s very useful for Fatty’s


This belt is very useful to reduce belly fat and i rate this one is with more then 5x and the team of this product are so kind and helpful so i want tell you all guy try once with this VIBRO massager.

  • Kemi Obalola

This slimming belt works

I’ve been using the belt for 3 weeks and am starting to lose some fat around my waist and belly.

I can feel some firmness around the areas. I especially love the heat function.

The Seller also has excellent customer service and responded in a timely manner when I had a question about the manual.

  • Sunday Emmanuel

Great for pain and sleep Challenges Too

Apart from burning fat for me, I also use it for pain management around my knees ankles feet and back. It’s perfect.
I have trouble falling asleep and this massager completely knocks me out!!! I fall asleep like a baby.

  • Janet Audu

 Great Offer

I’ve only used this product twice since my purchase a few days ago. I like that it’s able to fit my waist and adjustable to fit my husbands waist. You can sit and watch TV or whatever you like to do and the product does the work for you.

  • Jennifer Okafor

I am getting value for my money


I really like the belt… And I recommend to my friends to buy it.. And some of my friends already bought it and they liked it too. Its a reasonable price and works well.

  • Jessica James

I  love it

It works great at getting things “moving” haha it’s also very relaxing. 5 stars because the heat is superb for fat burning and toning. Great product.

  • Patricia Davis

Massaging Belly and Back…. Its Very Effective

It’s very handy, easy to use and i love it for massaging and getting some body or muscle and veins movements it’s a good item to get in touch with after a long day at work .

l now use the bathroom on regular basis so far l enjoying it



Select Your Package Below…


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Normal PRICE = N35,000

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SAVE = N106,900



The Vibroshape belt is based on the fact that vibrations can break up fat.


When used, the Vibroshape belt contracts and relaxes your muscles, and provides a unique, oscillating, heated massage with clockwise and anti-clockwise movements.


It works by stimulating your fat cells so that they are transformed into fatty acid, glycerol, which is passed out of your body as perspiration.


The belt offers 50 programs and 5 levels of exercise. The massage helps to thin certain areas of your body and it uses the revolutionary movement of thinning with high performance.


The Vibroshape belt has five management levels that can be controlled through a remote unit.


The speed and direction of the oscillating massage can be controlled by the user.


How to Use a Vibroshape Belt?

Wear the Vibroshape Belt in the desired part of the body, connect it to power supply and switch on the button.


You can wear the belt around your abdomen, hips or thighs.


Depending on your comfort level, you can adjust the speed of the vibration.


The Vibroshape Belt should be used from 15-30 minutes and some models come with a timer to set the time period of vibration.


After completion of the set time, the vibration stops automatically.


It is a myth that Vibro Belts when worn for a longer time will give faster results.


As long as it does not disturb you, you can wear the belt while cooking, knitting, watching TV or reading.


Now you can get that Slim Body, Flat Tummy and Six-packs…


You’re one step away from getting a product that will help you lose weight, burn fat, and tone specific part of your body that you wish.